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“You weren’t on the committee ma’am”.. North Dakota offers preview of Establishment Tactics at the WA State Convention?

One of the next bold moves by the GOP establishment here in Washington State may be the construction of the ballot at the state convention.

[editors note: please use the comments section on this post to brainstorm ideas of action which can be taken to avoid having our state convention run by Snydley Whiplash]

In this excellent piece of investigative work by Ben Swann of Fox19 North Dakota, he documents how even though Romney came in third in North Dakota, he got the vast majority of the delegates from that state.  This would be perfectly fine if it was a result of an unprejudiced vote of delegates at the state convention.  But apparently the only ballot circulated was a list of political heavy hitters from the state establishment — Romney supporters — and when a lady in the audience asked why she was there, that she was under the impression she would have a ballot arranged in no particular preference, alphabetically, without preferences, and she asked why she didn’t see a ballot with ALL the names of the candidates for national, she was told by the chair:

“You weren’t on the committee ma’am”

From the story I gather that the convention circulated one ballot with their hand-picked establishment candidates, and only after objections did they display the names of the rest of the candidates on an overhead projector, and that those names changed periodically as time progressed.

We need to educate ourselves IN ADVANCE of the tactics we can expect from the establishment at our own state convention and do everything in our power to assure there are no dirty tricks.  Remember, as we saw at events leading up to our Clark County convention, every time you hear a big-wig in the party accusing someone of dirty trickery, you should rightfully expect that the dirty trick in the works is one THEY are trying to pull.

If you are involved in the State convention in any way, if you are a delegate or you know others who are delegates, please watch this video.  Please circulate it to people in other counties who are going to state convention.  I believe we must put incredible pressure on the GOP apparatus in each county to assure this kind of skull-duggery does not happen at our state convention.  We need anti-establishment conservative and libertarian people on these committees, and we need to start assuring that happens now.

Reality Check: North Dakota Caucus “railroaded” to give majority of delegates to Romney?

Paul/Santorum/Gingrich supporters … we MUST UNITE — our candidates’ times are limited, but our principles are eternal.  We must refuse to let the establishment pit us against each other as a means by which to further their agenda.  These are tactics unbecoming to our party.  The next time you hear someone in the party trying to marginalize a group or characterize them as kooks or zealots, STAND UP for them, DEFEND THEM.  It is time for all of us to STAND UP FOR THE “OTHER GUY” and learn the lesson:  you are the other guy, WE ALL ARE THE OTHER GUY.  We have far more in common than we have differences.  The establishment has only brought us a slower progression toward the same death of debt, taxes and big government.  We must hang together, or surely we will hang separately.

There is no common ground if we each self-identify with a candidate (Gingrich, Paul, Santorum), but if we self-identify by philosophy, suddenly we have so much in common as “conservatives, tea partiers & libertarians”.  We may not have candidates in common, but candidates are fleeting.  We already have many philosophies in common, and if we can translate that into common AGENDA ITEMS we can purge our party of the arrogant sense of entitlement, the propagandistic con of ‘inevitability’ and move our party forward into the century with an agenda of freedom, individual sovereignty, security and prosperity.