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Establishment on the Hunt, Grassroots in the Crosshairs…

The GOP Establishment is not only unwilling to dance with the people who brought them to the party, it appears they are willing to flat out execute them.

We have repeatedly seen the same scenario — electing people with a mandate to save our country, only to watch them undermine the demands of the people who elected them and continue to sell us out.

Consider these two posts:

Will the Wisconsin GOP Kick Out its Tea Party Supporters Tonight?

Will the Tea Party Fight or Retreat?

Counties in Alaska and Washington and across the country have GOP machines which behave in the same way: using rules, rhetoric and propaganda to lock out the people who threaten to reform the party in favor their Entrenchment Protection Program.

Now it is perfectly clear: the GOP Establishment is the final enabler of big government — and therefore is indeed one of big government’s last firewalls against the grassroots — we the people.  It may be through subversive divide and conquer tactics of pitting one group against another (fomenting fear and ridicule of Paul supporters) or overt lockouts in order to anoint yet another candidate of choice as outlined in the above articles.  But no matter what election victories we have it appears we will never escape the eventual coronations of “our foes, the pro-status quoes” until we have replaced the establishment and the culture it defends.

Just like taxation is “the art of plucking the most feathers from the goose while producing the least amount of honking”, so is the GOP entrenchment program of “producing the greatest number of votes while making and/or delivering upon the fewest number of promises.”

How to solve this?  It absolutely must happen at the local level first, then drive it up through the party.  This is not going to be solved by putting people into public office first – though we still must fight those battles.  Ultimately we must tear down that firewall which can only happen by putting the grassroots in charge of the local party organizations, then the state organizations bolstered by local candidate victories, then by way of those new leaders and the candidates we elect, in charge of the national party.

If we don’t purge the party of the culture which, regardless of the rhetoric and supposed good intentions, has DE-FACTO been a promoter/enabler of big government, there is no number of elected true-believers who can survive that machine.  We need to destroy that big government firewall by changing the culture of the party, and that change begins at the most basic local level.  Mr. Gorbachev didn’t tear down the Berlin Wall, the people had to do it.

And so I say to the GOP: “Mr. Chairman: tear down that wall.”  But, we know you won’t, and so for the sake of our country and our posterity, we must and we will.

It’s time for the people to lead the party.