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Clark County GOP blames delegates for their own incompetence?

To:       Anyone and everyone who cares about the truth.  Please tweet, post to facebook, call talk radio and write letters to the editors to honestly explain your 1st hand experiences as a delegate to the Clark County, WA Republican Convention!  Please read and comment upon the Columbian article I’ve linked to in this email.

Everyone who was at the county convention knows that ALL the delays in voting were caused by incompetent running of the convention by the GOP officials in charge of running it, and NOT by ANY delaying tactics of ANY legislative delegation during their efforts to vote.  GOP Officials have been quoted in the Columbian as claiming otherwise.

EVERYONE knows that we were not allowed to start voting until the credentials committee reported, and that the credentials committee could not report until the alternates had been seated, AND THAT THE ALTERNATES WEREN’T SEATED UNTIL AFTER 4:00 PM and the credentials report did not arrive until significantly later than that.

I can tell you 1st hand that in District 17 there was not ONE SINGLE EFFORT by ANYONE from ANY GROUP OF DELEGATES to delay ANYTHING.  I cannot vouch for the party officials however, because I was not witness to what caused them to delay voting for 5 HOURS, so I cannot say whether it was done intentionally or simply due to gross incompetence.  I can tell you that I personally spent a major part of my day trying to identify bottlenecks in processes and offer ideas and solutions and a lot of assistance to everyone involved.

I don’t know what the actual hang-up in seating the alternates was because nobody would tell me.  But I know that the seating of alternates and the credentials report were the PRIMARY REASON voting didn’t start until well after 4PM (5pm?).  WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY WAS THAT?  WHOSE FAULT WAS THAT?  CERTAINLY NOT THE DELEGATES WAITING PATIENTLY IN THEIR RESPECTIVE GROUPS!

But EVERYONE knows that the following statement attributed to Brent Boger by The Columbian is UNTRUE:

“Brent Boger, the rules chairman, said late in the afternoon that the process was taking so long because Paul supporters were trying to block would-be Romney delegates, and Romney, Gingrich and some Santorum supporters were trying to block would-be Paul delegates.”

Those were the goals of the respective delegate slates, but had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DELAYS.

<see additional information added at end of article>

Unless Mr. Boger is referring to something going on in the process of seating alternates, this is a completely false statement and everyone who was there knows it.  If Mr. Boger was referring to the process of seating alternates and the subsequent credentials report, then he should not have allowed the lie of blaming delegations to be perpetrated by such ambiguity.  If he was actually unambiguous and it is the Columbian who is creating the “blame the delegates” byline, then we must lash back against the Columbian through comments on this article, tweets and letters.  If he was misquoted by the Columbian, then I want to hear him say so.

But the article certainly seems like the party officials are trying to blame the delegations for the delay.  SHOW ME ONE MOTION ON THE RECORD FROM ANY DELEGATION THAT COULD BE CHARACTERIZED AS A DELAYING TACTIC.  In the 17 District, we didn’t vote on ONE SINGLE PROCEDURAL MOTION the entire time (other than to skip speeches prior to the 2nd round of balloting – a TIME SAVING MOTION), and as a county body the ONE AND ONLY MOTION WE VOTED ON after we broke into our districts was to extend the convention 2 hours SO WE COULD VOTE – and by the way, that extension was opposed by the Romney delegates.  Yes:  An extension of time so that delays caused by mismanagement of the convention would not prevent us from voting was OPPOSED by the Romney delegates.

Please circulate this information with your own comments – agreement or disagreement.  I know there was contention between the Romney people and the other delegations, but for the most part that contention was very respectful.  But we should ALL be concerned about a party whose officers will not take accountability for their own problems and instead blame their delegations.   The Romney people created a slate, and so the other delegations created a slate of their own.  The Romney strategy did not prevail.  That is just the nature of politics – there are winners and losers in any battle and as long as the game is played honestly and forthrightly and by the rules and we are being respectful of each other, then we are still ultimately on the same team.

But when incompetence on the part of the party is covered up by trying to blame the delegation who entrusted them with the process, and when they try to divert the focus from their errors by creating a fictitious blame game between coalitions within their delegations, it sounds analogous to a class warfare tactic more akin to OBAMA than anything conservative republicans should be fomenting.

If GOP Officials will not take accountability for their own actions, its time for them to leave their positions of so-called leadership.  In fact, its just plain time for Establishment GOP Officials to leave and make room for people who will allow the people of the party to dictate their own destinies.

-Christian B, Santorum Supporter, District 17


<additional information – 04/01/2012 – 9:30 pm>

And to additionally clarify, it is well known that the “Open Convention Slate” designed to deny would-be Romney delegates was being supported by a coalition of Paul AND Santorum supporters which is why it proved successful.  Based upon the voting I witnessed, a very significant majority of Santorum supporters joined the Paul supporters in voting the Open Convention Slate which in District 17 elected Santorum, Paul and Gingrich delegates and elected zero Romney delegates.  The Paul supporters were voting the Open Convention Slate and electing Santorum and Gingrich delegates.  I was told that Romney received zero delegates from District 18, and with the exception of the last round of voting in District 49 (the outcome of which is unknown to me), the first three rounds of voting in District 49 also yielded zero Romney delegates.  The denial of Romney delegates is a huge story conveniently omitted from the Columbian article.  Doesn’t it fit with what the establishment wants publicized?