Matt Walsh Scores Touchdown on Party vs. Principles

I couldn’t do a better job at describing unprincipled loyalty to party than blogger Matt Walsh has described here.

What are the best persuasive arguments to overcome the team-sport mentality in politics?  Please post your comments.


There are conservative pundits out there who are, whether they are talk show hosts or bloggers or you know, TV host or whatever, and they are merely political creatures as in they are for the Republicans for the Republican Party sake.  Principles and ideas are secondary, even inconvenient even irrelevant for them... it’s a game to get Republicans elected.  Our side. our guys, our team You know..

And just like your actual team, your football team, the players can change, the strategy can change, the staff can change, everything about it can change and they can cheat, Patriots, the players can do awful things: commit crimes, beat women, kill people, and you’re still a fan because it’s your team because nothing changes the fact that its your team. Its your team because its your team. And that’s it.

Some people treat politics that way as well.  It is my team because it’s my team.  But but for me it’s always about the ideas and the principles, and that’s all I care about. That’s all I’ve ever cared about and that’s not to say that I care about it because I’m a principled person — I’m not complimenting myself — oh that I’m such a principled man that all I care about are the principles. I struggle to live up to my own principles all the time believe me, I’m a very weak person. But I still care about that.  That’s what excites me in the end are the ideas and the principles.  And that’s what I really care about.

A politician is useful insofar as he upholds and promotes those principles.  The moment he doesn’t, he isn’t my guy anymore. In fact, he never was. He’s not my guy, he never was my guy, he’s just a guy with job. And that job is to govern or legislate based on certain values. Those values disappear, and now he’s nothing to me.

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