Real Cause of Cantor’s Downfall: His War Against Grassroots

Cantor wanted to restore primaries and get rid of conventions to protect his allies in the state, as well as his own seat.” according to sources quoted in a Huffington Post article on the subject.  The article went on to say “One Virginia GOP operative said that the fight over the central committee was ‘all of’ the reason Cantor lost.”

Many pundits are echoing each other about Cantor’s demise – Tea Party, Immigration/Amnesty policy, and others.  But the REAL story is the backlash from his failed effort to defeat the grassroots activists in Virginia.  Cantor’s failed effort to execute top-down control over the VA State Central Committee — a typical symptom of the ‘establishment mentality‘ — rightfully destroyed him.

Take note Washington State GOP: Do NOT interfere with the PCO Elections.  Do NOT do anything to promote an end to the caucus/convention process.  Allow the grassroots to propagate itself and drive the philosophy and leadership of the party.  The ‘establishment mentality’ approach has not resulted in GOP leadership victories in Washington State.  It’s time to trust The People to lead the party.



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