What is ‘The Establishment’ ???

—I believe the so-called “Establishment” is a mentality, a culture, and is not based upon any length of time in positions of party leadership.

Establishment mentality is betrayed by having a primary concern of the preservation of power and/or position, and of winning elections regardless of platform.

Establishment mentality results in the advocacy of principles and philosophies becoming secondary to winning, and winning elections becomes the primary goal above all else.—




Preserve power. Design candidates to appeal to a perceived or focus group identified block of voters regardless of philosophy/belief

(objective is simply to win)

Develop voters to support candidates who advocate certain core principles. Running candidates who work to build the popularity of  philosophies/beliefs

(objective is to win by advancing principles, and advance principles by winning)

Willing to compromise principles to advance politics

Willing to compromise politics to advance principles, NOT willing to compromise principles

Once the preservation of power becomes paramount, those who are relying on promoting their ideas rather than conforming to the ideas of others are perceived as a risk to power.  The establishment instinctively sets about orchestrating their defeat before they have an opportunity to compete on a level playing field.  Sometimes this is done by characterizing others as “un-electable” or mis-characterizing their ideas in ways designed to marginalize them.  Other times they simply promote establishment-preferred candidates with sufficient money to stifle challengers before they can get a foothold in the race.

Either way, the result is usually the suppression of ideas and candidates which are attempting to rise organically from the people.

The best way to prevent this from happening, and to wrest control of the primaries from the establishment mentality, is for the people to lead the party.  In Washington State as an example, the mechanism by which that takes place at the county level is by a sufficient number of grassroots conservatives becoming Precinct Committee Officers.

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