Alliance of Candidates Catches Sign Thief on Video

An alliance of conservative grassroots candidates for the position of Precinct Committee Officer in Clark County, WA got tired of their candidate signs being stolen.  They decided to do something about it.

Using scarce campaign funds (they are 95%++ self-funded) the PCO Liberty Alliance purchased a surveillance camera and mounted teams of people on a stakeout schedule.  Their plan worked.  They found the perp, captured him in the act on video, found his stash of signs he had been stealing, and reported him to the police.

You can see the video on their website here:

The local newspaper has written some articles about the organization and this event:

and here:


Sign stealing is a serious offense in Washington, punishable by up to $5000 fine and 364 days in jail PER SIGN STOLEN.  The Sheriff is investigating the matter and the PCO Liberty Alliance believes the perp will be identified soon.

For information about the PCO Liberty Alliance objectives, they are published here:

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