Convention Shenanigans from Other Counties

This article outlines other craziness from other county conventions around the state.

Considering the single paragraph dedicated to District 17 (of which I was a county delegate) barely scratches the surface of the larger story, I can only imagine the myriad of gory details from these other districts which the people present are privy to.

And the story specific to clark county is laid out in excellent detail here:

This is just the beginning…… ┬áPlease continue to pass these links to people who are politically active in our state.


One thought on “Convention Shenanigans from Other Counties”

  1. Note that we have commented at the site of the first link to clarify some of their statements about the 17th district caucus at the county convention. Romney delegates didn’t employ any delaying tactics, though they certainly cheered when the voting was not allowed to finish. As of this writing our comment is still awaiting moderation.

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